Ceramic Coating


Ceramic Coating

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  • Decontamination and Clay Bar Treatment: This step removes embedded contaminants, providing a pristine base for the coating application.
  • Paint Correction 1 Step: A single-step process that eliminates light imperfections like minor swirl marks and scratches, significantly enhancing the clarity and shine of your vehicle's paintwork.
  • Ceramic Pro 9H: Creates a permanent bond with the surface, forming an ultra-durable protective layer against contaminants. Multiple layers result in a thicker, harder coating for long-lasting protection.
  • Ceramic Pro Top Coat: Adds a highly hydrophobic layer over the 9H, causing water and grime to bead off effortlessly. It also deepens the gloss, giving your vehicle a stunning wet look.
  • Ceramic Coating for Plastic and Rubber: Protects and enhances the appearance of plastic and rubber components.
  • Ceramic Pro Wheel Faces: Applies a ceramic coating to the visible surfaces of the wheels, protecting against brake dust and making cleaning easier.
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Transform your vehicle's protection and aesthetics with Forrenn Wraps' Ceramic Coating Packages near Dallas, Texas. Our packages provide comprehensive surface preparation, including decontamination and paint correction, ensuring a pristine canvas for the application of Ceramic Coating.

Choose from our Premium or Ultimate Package, both featuring Ceramic Pro 9H coating, renowned for its durability and resistance to contaminants. With our meticulous paint correction process, your vehicle will regain its clarity, depth, and shine, while specialized coatings for glass, wheels, calipers, and plastic/rubber components offer complete protection. Trust Forrenn Wraps in Dallas, Texas, to deliver lasting beauty and resilience for your vehicle.